A wedding is a celebration of love and promises. It is a getting together of two lovely people and starting a new chapter in life. Therefore these moments matter and when you are invited for a wedding it is a very prestigious moment because the couple is glad to have you on their big day. At many weddings it can be seen that the couple will be giving a lovely gift for the invitees as gratitude and as a thank you for being there for their big day. In some weddings they give a customized picture for everyone who is invited taken with the couple and a picture of the couple separately at the side. Some couples give away some sweets and a cupcake to make the gist look a little cute. Therefore it is clear that many couples give small gifts to be grateful for the people on their celebration day.

These gifts are known as after party gifts and when selecting a gift that could be given to all, the couple can go online and get some ideas to plan their gift. When selecting a gift that also has to be somewhat unique and a something that could be related to the couple. Therefore they have to decide on a customized or a non-customized gift. Some couples also give crystal ornaments and things that could be useful for home decor and those can definitely be a souvenir of their wedding day.

It would also be nice if the couple can give a nice crystal boxed flowers gift as a souvenir for the guests as that would be one unique gift. There are so many things that they could also do to make the wedding venue a beautiful place by having lovely decorations. They should also be able to give the guest a marvelous lunch or a dinner to remember with all sorts of drinks and wine. The venue should have a dancing floor so that all the friends and family including the couple can have a super nice time at the wedding. Link here http://www.petalandco.com.au/shop/ offer a flowers that will perfect to your occasions.

They can add more beauty and colors for the wedding by selecting some florists who are professionals in this industry to have hanging decorations, vases, back drops, beautiful settings, and decorative items to be laid at the entrance and so on. There should be a nice welcoming done for the visitors for the wedding. These are a mode of paying gratuity for visitors and therefore those have to be done accordingly.

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Termites are a common problem faced by the ones who have wooden house or who uses wooden furniture. Termites generally feed on lifeless plant materials, and one of the best examples is wood, which we use for making doors, windows, furniture, wooden floors and ceilings, etc. These insects not only mar the look of these objects but also destroy them permanently. These insects can eat about fifteen pounds of wood in a week or so. They not only consume wood, but clothes, books and paper cardboards also. The more moisture content in the house, the more will be the risk of termite attacks as they are always in search of warm weather.

Termites have the habit of reinfesting the areas even after the failure of control methods. So in case of extreme severity, it is best to seek the help of the Termite Treatment Services. But in case of less severity, you can try out the following tricks to get rid of the unwanted creatures from your house, check this household pest control.

Tricks you can try to eradicate termite
1. You can use orange oil to get rid of these unwanted creatures. It is actually the extract of orange peels which is not soluble in water. You just have to drill small holes in the infected areas and inject the orange oil into it. Depending on the condition, it may take time from three days to three months. But in case termites have made their colonies in your home, you should hire Termite Treatment services.

2. Another method is electrocution. Passing electric currents can kill the termites permanently. These devices are available in the market but make sure that you do not expose directly yourself to it as it may harm you greatly.

3. Using boric acid is also another great idea to control these creepy creatures. It is a kind of insecticide that damages and destroys the nervous system of these creatures. Apply on the wooden surface of with a brush by mixing the boric acid powder with water. But before handing, you must wear gloves and mask to cover up yourself as consumption or inhaling of this acid is very harmful for humans.

4. Termites cannot stay alive in extremes of temperature. They cannot endure temperatures of more than 120 degrees or -20 degrees. So it is advised to place the infected wood or wooden items or other termite infected stuffs in direct sunlight. The moisture will be evaporated and in this way it will kill the termites or they will abandon its shelter. Similarly for cold temperatures, you can use liquid nitrogen to destroy them.

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